ControlCase Vendor Manager

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Centralize vendor data, assess vendor risk, and ensure vendors comply with your policies and controls.

The ControlCase Vendor Management solution enables you to manage an effective vendor management process: risk-based vendor selection, centralized document management and remediation management.

What is Vendor Management?

Vendor Management is the process financial institutions worldwide use to understand the risks they assume due to their business relationships with their third-party vendors especially regarding their data sharing or outsourcing relationships. Vendor Management is a standard practice today and has matured to an extent where some leading financial industry groups such as BITS have standardized the process significantly through their Standard Information Gathering (SIG) and Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) standards. The usage of these standards or their derivatives helps organizations understand the risk associated with their vendors and then incorporate appropriate risk mitigation techniques and measures to mitigate the risk.

Key Features
  • Automate monitoring of controls such as management of sensitive data and technical controls.
  • Enable vendor managers to manage risk.
  • Assess vendor risk using various assessment types and a library of questions based on
    best-practice standards.
  • Derive risk and compliance ratings by type of vendor from assessment results.
  • Measure vendor compliance to policies and procedures.
  • Track and address areas of non-compliance identified in the vendor assessment process.


BITS Shared Assessment Program and ControlCase Vendor Manager

ControlCase Vendor Manager licenses the BITS Shared Assessment Program content, which is a leading Vendor Risk Management framework used by many prestigious organizations globally.

The following picture illustrates the workflow associated with managing the BITS Shared Assessment Program using ControlCase Vendor Manager